Make Money: How to Earn $5,000 per Month as a Transcriptionist

By | October 1, 2019

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been nearly a year since I officially made the switch to full-time work-at-home life.

I used to lay awake at night wondering who was going to watch my kids from one week to the next while I worked. Daycare is so expensive… and how could we entertain the idea of having another baby when we were beyond stressed about our current childcare system.

I felt like I was stuck in a tunnel with no light at the end.

But I did find my light.

After finding my light, I quit my office job last July, became a full-time mompreneur, and have never looked back.

Working exclusively at home has completely changed my life and my family’s life. I’m able to work according to my schedule and spend time with my children. There are no more commutes, bad lunches, work attire, employee meetings, etc.

“Maia, how were you able to leave your office job?” people often ask me. And I love telling them over and over again, it’s all about skills — ones you have and ones you can learn to have.

Learn new skills to solve problems, and you’ll get paid. Simple as that.

And a high, in-demand skill that you may not be aware of to get you paid is transcription.

Transcription is the art of listening to speech and converting it into written text. Transcription is about so much more than just typing words quickly. It requires great skill to translate your clients’ words into proper text with correct grammar and punctuation.


Janet Shaughnessy teaches two incredibly awesome transcription courses: General Transcription: Theory & Practice™ and Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice™.

General transcription is the practice of transcribing from audio and video files for all different types of industries, such as academia, marketing, interviews, films, among others. Legal transcription requires all of the skills necessary as a general transcriptionist with the added knowledge of legal terminology and documentation.

Janet knows her stuff. She began working from home as a medical transcriptionist in 2007, later branching out into general and legal transcription and forming her own company, Zoom Transcription Services.

She’s also closely affiliated with my mentor Caitlin Pyle who runs the highly successful Proofread Anywhere website.


The general transcription course is currently $597. The legal transcription course costs $697, and both courses together are available for a discount at $1097. Janet also offers pay-as-you-go options to help break up the cost of tuition.

Trust me that these figures are a steal considering what you’ll learn to earn up to $5,000 a month.

That’s an incredible return on investment!


Providing general transcription services requires much more than the ability to type. In addition to typing, you will need to be proficient in working with online files and software programs. You will need to have a good ear with the ability to focus when working in a non-traditional (i.e., home) environment. You will need to have a well above the average mastery of English grammar and punctuation. You will need to be customer-focused and self-disciplined.

Producing quality transcription work is about so much more than typing. Skipping steps and focusing on just making money is foolish and will kill your work-at-home goals. Invest in quality education like this one so you don’t lose clients and ruin your reputation.

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